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Santa Rosa Middle School Math Lesson Study Group


Santa Rosa Middle School Math Lesson Study Group in Lesson Study Network, Santa Rosa, California

The Santa Rosa Lesson Study Group focuses on developing productive discourse in their students for the purpose of making visible their reasoning when engaged in two of the Mathematical Practices: Reasoning quantitatively and abstractly as well as Constructing viable arguments and critiquing the reasoning of others. The teachers in the Santa Rosa Math Lesson Study Group were recruited by Sonoma State University. Brent and Michael had previously participated in North Bay Math Project Math and Science Partnership Grants as well as other local professional learning initiatives and received an invitation for their site. The team is composed of: Michael Hernandez, a mathematics and science teacher at Comstock, Lisa Moore, a mathematics coach at Cook Middle School, and Brent Jackson, a mathematics teacher at Santa Rosa Middle School. Brent and Michael had participated in a three year California Mathematics Science Partnership Grant focused on implementing the Common Core State Standards and on developing teacher leaders.