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Roosevelt is all about policy.  In an effort to provide students with resources examples, and step by step instructions for policy writing and change, we have made many of our resources available on this site. Using the online platform, explore best practices for writing 10 ideas papers, Emerging Fellow White Papers, policy blogs, and more. The links below will allow you to access tools and tips for our networks biggest priorities: writing great policy and seeing it make impact.

A link to the Policy Writing Guide

The 10 Ideas Series, Senior Fellow White Papers, Rethinking Community policy briefs, Summer Academy Team Based Challenge Policy Memos, and many other publications are the “WHAT” of our network.  Honing, researching, and writing about your idea is covered in this Policy Writing guide.

A link to the Policy Change Guide

The Policy Change Guide is the “HOW” for putting policy ideas into action to create long lasting impact. This site will help you navigate the complex process of seeing your policy idea realized, be it a State level change or a University policy shift. This guide can help you get you organized, start building infrastructure and gaining allies, and will give you the big picture of the policy impact process.

A link to the Chapter Resources Guide

Chapters are the beating heart of our network -- the place where people and ideas come together to learn, train, support, and take action on the ideas that matter. The Chapter Resources guide is a resource for how to effectively run a Roosevelt chapter. It goes through everything from strategic planning and goal setting to how to effectively plan and run an event. 

A link to the Re:Public Guide

Privatization is the process through which basic public goods such as water, education, and energy, are sold off to the private sector in the name of efficiency and cost reduction for taxpayers. This guide examines out how privatization is impacting education, the economy, and human rights and lays out steps for how to start combatting the trend in your state, city, or on your campus. 

Hey! I know that we are running out of time to turn in our 10 Ideas. I have been caught up in my idea about the food policy idea I have come up with and I don't know how much I like it, and I can't come up with an alternative I feel good about. However! I do have an idea about a policy change for affordable housing that I feel very strongly would make a positive impact on segregation and gentrification. I want to change the ARO ordinance from 10% to 15% with no in lieu fee. I want to check in with you before I spend all night writing the policy? Is that okay I stray from food justice? If so I will get right to work and can get you a rough draft by Monday night.
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