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OLI Stanford (S16)


Any feedback on learning outcomes and assessments would be greatly appreciated!
We would really appreciate any feedback on our Learning Outcomes. Thanks!
Please, provide feedback on our understand phase deliverables! Thank you :-)
test feedback on CTA
Feedback to the Ask Better Questions Team on their benchmark tasks
Feedback to the Data Communication Team on their benchmark task description
Feedback to the Financial Education team on their Benchmark Task
Feedback to the Voter Engagement team on their benchmark task
Feedback to the Difficult Conversations team on their benchmark task selection.
Feedback to the Teaching Teachers team on their benchmark task description
Feedback to the Interpreting Data for Decision-Making Team on their benchmark tasks.
Any feedback you have for our brief is much appreciated! Have a nice day :)
Please Give me feedback on my Brief
We want to teach practical and theoretical financial knowledge to everyone who wants to learn how to invest but has another day job.
Team A please give feedback on my brief