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Make the Way (Year 2)


"The true purpose of lesson study is to gain new knowledge for teaching and learning... It helps to build the knowledge and expertise of mathematics teaching and learning."  (Takahashi, McDougall, 2016)

The purpose of this studio is to guide CA MSP Make the Way lesson studies with year two's focus on engaging students in productive struggle. During this iteration of lesson study, professional learning will study measurement learning issues as well as different aspects of productive struggle while continuing to build student agency, authority, and identity.

This lesson study model follows the successful Japanese lesson study model.  One of the two forms of professional development proven as having an effective impact on student learning by What Works Clearinghouse. (Gersten, R., Taylor, M.J., Keys, T.D., Rolfhus, E., Newman-Gonchar, R. Summary of research on the effectiveness of math professional development approaches, Institute of Education Sciences, U.S.Department of Education)


Why or why not?
Is there going to be a year three?
How can we keep cognitive demand high while giving students appropriate scaffolds in order to complete the maker task?
Is there going to be a year three?
Where do you think the mathematics will be productive struggle?
What was the calorie content of the scones?
Will there be a 3rd year of MtW?
Doing what we are required to do....No questions.
Please watch student interview with Dylan
Check out my student interview of Jacky.
Please choose a video to watch and leave me some feedback.
Is the Research Theme clear enough that can be seen as lesson unfolds? Does the rationale and background support the choice of the Research Theme?