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LS 403 F17

LS 403 F17


I have a grasp of a situation that I want to study, but I am finding it difficult to narrow in on one productive question to ask related to that situation.
Hi Kristine! I'm looking for feedback/thoughts around developing my design argument based on the rest of my canvas. General feedback on the rest of my canvas is appreciated as well. Thank you!
I have some questions written in the document itself, including under "more details." Additionally, I'd like feedback on the scope of this project idea (my biggest challenge!), how to go about the Existing Solutions section, and maybe some direction regarding a beginning search for literature. I have some sources collected, but am unsure about an appropriate amount or range at this stage.
This is a test. The feedback is already in the document.
As you can see, I switched my focus to what should be a more narrow, observable phenomenon. And it's a project that I hope to actually develop with a faculty member. I appreciated your feedback earlier, and look forward to your thoughts!
Thank you, Garrett, for providing feedback on this project. As you can see, I shifted my focus to a more specific project/issue. I look forward to your thoughts.