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Strategic Planning


Strategic planning for your chapter includes everything from semester goal setting to evaluating the structure your chapter operates with. At Roosevelt, the strongest chapters have always thought strategically about their goals and the ways to reach them.


Effective planning helps set your chapter up for long-term success. It allows you to operate intentionally in regards to everything from the way your chapter is structured to the types of events you hold each semester.

How to do this at my school

  • Set goals for your chapter using our OKR Template. “OKR” is an abbreviation for Objectives and Key Results. They’re a tool to build big-picture qualitative goals but plan out measurable quantitative steps you’ll take to reach the goal.

    • Objective: Big-picture, qualitative goal you have for your chapter

    • Key Result: Measurable action or result that indicates you’re working to achieve the objective

  • Use our Strategic Planning Guide to analyze the things your chapter is doing well, and areas where you need to improve. It walks you through how to set goals based on your analysis, and pushes you to think about specific tactics to reach those goals.

  • Figure out which chapter model works for your school by consulting the Chapter Leadership Structures Document. This isn’t a comprehensive list, but this document suggests the types of structures that have worked best at different types of schools.

  • Set up your future leadership for success by using the Leadership Transition Guide. It ensures that as your chapter moves to its next phase, the next generation of Roosevelters have all the institutional knowledge and information to continue operating successfully.


Strategic planning can be complicated and hard, and you don’t have to do it alone! National Staff and National Leadership are here to help you. Here’s who can help you out:

New England

New York

Mid Atlantic


  • Chapter Organizer:
  • New Chapter Coordinator:



  • Chapter Organizer:
  • New Chapter Coordinator:


Objective 1: Recruit 20 new and sustainable members

  • Key Result 1: Obtain 30 emails at club fair & send invite to first meeting
  • Key Result 2: Hang flyers around campus for first 3 meetings
  • Key Result 3: Host 1 “Bring a friend” general meeting
  • Key Result 4: Get at least 70% of new members involved on a policy change project

Objective 2: Get published in 10 Ideas journal

  • Key Result 1: Host Problem ID and Policy writing training
  • Key Result 2: Host 5 policy memo consulting sessions for chapter
  • Key Result 3: Obtain 5 intent to submit ideas

Objective 3: Start two Rethinking Communities projects

  • Key Result 1: Attend a Financialization webinar
  • Key Result 2: Invite a member of the Braintrust to attend a meeting
  • Key Result 3: Review toolbox and facilitate a brainstorm session on tracks