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Problem Identification

How to make sure you are identifying and solving the right problem


Time: approx. 4-7 hours

Working with a group on a 10 Ideas piece can be difficult when you don't know what problem to solve or what idea to pursue. To narrow down your options, take the Think 2040 training to help define your values, outcomes, and policy ideas as a group. 

Once you have a general policy idea, take the Problem Identification training to make sure you understand the problem at hand and identify its root causes.

1) Think 2040 Training - Make sure your group is on the same page with your policy ideas! This training will help define your values, outcomes and policy ideas as a group.

2) Problem Identification Training - After your policy idea is identified, make sure the policy problem is defined.

After you have completed the Problem Identification trainings, please complete this survey.


Complete Think 2040 worksheet.


Before you start

Watch the Think 2040 video and complete the Roosevelt Think 2040 training! Identify the values, outcomes and policy ideas your group has in common.



Here is an example (from a 2013 10 Ideas winner) of how a policy problem should be introduced in the policy brief. Note that this paragraph addresses current (or lack of) legislation and non-governmental policies, problem symptoms, and stakeholders, among other applicable facts to introduce the problem and why it is important.