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Roosevelt Regional Leadership Guide

How to Manage the RI Chapter Leader Facebook and Loft Space


The Roosevelt Regional Leadership Guide is designed to help you understand what is the purpose, and how to manage the national Roosevelt Institute Chapter Lead Loft Space and Facebook group- by controlling access, encouraging students to use the resource, and becoming the editor of the following two sections: the “Roosevelt Resources” and “Chapter Leaders' Shared Resources” sections on Loft. Both the Facebook group (see mockups in Files Section) and Loft spaces (Roosevelt Chapter Leadership Guide) were created to be used as an internal resource for Chapter Leaders to stay connected nationally, share documents, recruitment materials, and connect with other Chapter Leaders for support. Chapter Leaders are encouraged to submit their own Chapter resources onto the space, they will do this by emailing them to you for review. After review and providing feedback, when the resource is edited, you may post it to the Chapter Leaders' Shared Resources section on Loft. This is not only a feedback mechanism, but also an informal way to review your Chapter Leaders initial areas for improvement.

Learning Objectives 

By the end of the session you, the Chapter Coordinator, will be able to:   

  • Direct students interested in starting a Roosevelt Chapter to the Loft and Facebook site
  • Connect Chapter Leaders from across the nation onto a single platform, encourage them to browse resources and ask each other questions 
  • Upkeep and share a centralized system to keep up to date Regional and Chapter-specific files
  • Encourage interested Chapter Leaders to use the space as a recruitment and activity ideation board
  • Encourage existing Chapter Leaders to leverage the resource by submitting their internal Chapter documents for editing and review. After review and resubmission, you can post the files onto the “Chapter Leaders' Shared Resources” Loft

 Key Messages  

  • This space exists so that new Chapter Leaders can leverage existing recruitment and activity ideas from their peers
  • A single space (Loft) exists that holds the Roosevelt Institute’s Regional and Chapter Leaders' Shared Resources
  • You can manage access to the sites by removing and adding Chapter Leaders
  • You can add regional resources on a rolling basis as they are approved
  • You can provide feedback on the resources submitted by Chapter Leaders, and request that the edits be made before sharing them onto the space  

Key Terms

Ideation:  the process of creating and relating ideas

Time Needed

  • 10 minutes to introduce the space to Chapter Leads and encourage them to submit materials
  • 5 minutes for every new Chapter Lead you grant access to the space [this can be done on a rolling basis as students express their interest]
  • 10 minute editing every resource submitted to you by Chapter Leads
  • 5 minutes for every uploaded resource


  • Internet
  • Access to Loft (and/or) Facebook Space

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