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Share Studio Highlights


Celebrate the impact your studio has made over the term by sharing the great work that teams and studio have accomplished! Highlight the achievements to your network to build community and maintain organizational memory!

Output: A report or a social media update to the local network about the work accomplished by teams and studio.

Effective ways to share studio highlights:

  1. Clarify the audience and the medium to share your studio’s highlights.
    • Main goals of sharing your work are to update your network on the progress you’ve achieved, document your studio’s work, support the organizational memory of your studio, and build long-term community support.
      • Check back on “Document and share work” to review your original plan to document and share your studio’s achievements.
    • Who in your local network are you sharing your update with? Users, community partners, mentors, interested students on campus, and current members are a great start.
    • What medium best conveys your update? Think about a simple report, a one-pager, a video, etc.
  2. Make a draft. Good updates include:
    • A clear flow that is easy to follow: Too much information clutters the page!
    • Vision & Goals of the studio: Help your audience see the passion you have for your studio!
    • Stories & Visuals: Brief stories of the projects and pictures of their outcomes, pictures and stories from meetings with users and partners, studio picture with all members present etc.
    • Future directions: Where do you hope to be next year? What support are you looking for?
  3. Get feedback and make finishing touches.
    • Share with important mentors, DFA members, and even your DFA fellow for feedback!
    • See what else you need to collect. Give teams a deadline so they get you information on time. Don’t forget to tell them why this will help your studio!
  4. Share the report with your local network to thank users, community partners, and mentors.
    • Use social media so National can highlight your achievements in the DFA network as well!
    • DFA National showcase projects at the end of each semester. Submit your projects to the Project Gallery so they can be presented to the whole network like this!

Network Best Practices

Create a semester report like DFA RISD|Brown

DFA RISD|Brown studio created a semester report at the end of their spring semester in 2015. Two studio leads compiled the stories from teams, pictures from the year, and any other stories of impact their studio have created. When the report was made, they shared the report with their schools, mentors, and community partners to show their thanks and publicize the impact created by the studio. Check out their report here!