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Thank Network


Look back on your entire year. Who has helped your studio? Who has supported your projects? Take a time to think of those who have helped your studio and send them a thank you!

Output: Personal thank yous sent out to mentors, partners, and important contributors.

Effective ways to thank your network:

  1. Create a list of people to thank.
    • Community partners, mentors, users, team members, important contributors, anyone who helped in a big way or in a small way as you reached your goals.
  2. Write a note about how their support was helpful.
    • Specific stories and quotes are always great. Specifically:
      • For community partners, include project deliverables (insights, working prototypes, etc.) and quick personal notes from the team members who worked on the project.
      • For mentors, what piece of advice or action that they did was helpful and why? Sharing outcomes of your work also helps a mentor feel proud.
  3. Make a quick memento.
    • No need to overthink this, let them know they’re appreciated! A card, team’s prototype, handmade gifts etc.
  4. Send out thank you’s to mentors and teams.
    • Share the love, assign different leads and team members to finish and send different thank you’s once you have a draft ready!
    • Here are some DFA Thank you cards you can use.

Network Best Practices

Thank your network like DFA Northwestern’s Summer Studio

Northwestern runs a 6-week Summer Studio every summer where teams go through the entire design process supported by professional firms, community partners, and design mentors. At the end of the studio, the whole studio invites their community partners and mentors to the expo to recognize their support and showcase the work they have done. Each mentor introduces themselves and the community partner includes couple comments at the end of each team’s presentation. The teams take their coaches out for lunch as well! Lastly, the summer studio lead compiles the project process and deliverables into a single report and sends it out to their supporters. Check out their report here!