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Reflect & Iterate on Studio Management


Your leadership team is an active group that is always working to improve everyone’s experiences and help them be better leaders. Receive regular feedback from your members to find concrete ways to iterate as a leadership team to help members better reach their goals!

Output: Reflect as a studio and have concrete 2+ takeaways and feasible action items to refine your studio.

Effective ways to reflect and iterate on studio management:

  1. Get feedback on key parts of your studio plan and experience.
    • Just like a design team, you can iterate on your events/experiences/workshops by getting feedback from your members. Check out “Reflect and Plan next term” for tips on planning a feedback session and receiving them.
  2. Synthesize feedback as a leadership team.
    • As a leadership team, set a specific time to synthesize the Likes, Wishes, Wonders from the members. What’s going well in the studio and what needs more work?
    • Here are some questions that can help uncover insights about the studio:
      • How do studio members feel about their teams and progress?
      • How do leads feel about the studio’s progress?
      • What possible roadblocks does the leadership team foresee?
    • Check out “Synthesize your research” for different techniques leads could use to uncover insights and have a good time!
  3. Make 2-3 concrete next steps.
    • Turn your insights into concrete goals to achieve in a short term. Be realistic about what change you can create in the next few weeks/months! Review your studio timeline and goals to see how the new goals affect the existing plan.
    • Involve your studio mentor and share feedback with them!
      • It is important to have a few ways to reach new goals, an idea of which way you would pick and why, and specific questions for how the mentor can help.
  4. Celebrate your accomplishments so far and iterate!
    • Share your plans! Let your members know that you’ve heard them and are making changes.
    • If the plan involves changes on the leadership level, check out “Manage leadership team” for tips on checking-in with leads!

Network Best Practices

Identify studio needs by interviewing your studio members like DFA RISD|Brown

DFA RISD|Brown’s Meta Project sought to redesign the studio by applying the human-centered design process to its own studio (how meta!). The idea came from concerns of a lack of training and communication in the studio, so a small 2-3 person team conducted user interviews with current DFA leaders and members, as well as students who have left DFA to ask about their experiences and why they stayed or left. They realized if pain points occurred early on due to a lack of training, guidance, and/or direction. The project is currently in the build/test phase, as the studio recently wrapped up a successful leadership team retreat!

View the interview questions here & the final presentation here.