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Find New Leads


The time has come for new leads to drive the growth and momentum of the studio. Think of the members who have shown interest or potential to be a leader; reach out to them and let them know that you see their potential. Excite new leads and help them transition into their new role to take the reins and make it their own!

Outputs: Have 1 member for each role (check back on "leadership structure & roles")

Effective ways to find new leads:

  1. Determine which leadership roles need to be filled and what new roles could be added.
  2. Set a time for electing new leads.
    • Create a timeline for finding interested members. Some roles may need a different timeline depending on how they are transitioning.
    • As you make your applications, reach out to leads who you think would be strong leaders as well!
  3. Share role descriptions to the studio to recruit interested leads.
    • Things to include: why the role is vital to the studio’s success, responsibilities of the role, who they work with, perks of the role, desired qualities of the new lead, time commitment, etc.
  4. Individually talk to strong potential leads.
    • If a potential lead is curious about the role, have a chat with the potential lead! Tell them how you think they will grow in the role, how they will support and grow the studio, and opportunities that will help them make their mark on the leadership team.
  5. Elect new leads.
    • Make sure your studio is well informed about the process.
  6. Welcome them to the team!

Network Best Practices

Reach out to your membership to recruit leaders like DFA RISD|Brown

DFA RISD/Brown put out a call to their studio members for new leaders through a Leadership Interest Form. They included descriptions of different leadership roles and questions about why and what people are interested in. Once people interested in leadership were identified, they had a series of meetings over the latter half of Fall Semester and during Winter Break to prepare for Spring Semester.

Edit your leadership structure and decide as a group like DFA CWRU|CIA

To find new leads for the upcoming year, DFA CWRU|CIA’s leadership team met at the end of fall semester to evaluate their leadership structure before finding new leads to fill their roles. The current leads collected input from members and created a draft of the structure as well as a priority list of initiatives to push next year. Then, the leaders recruited leaders who fit the roles of the new structure. Once the leaders were confirmed, the team met to discuss how each role could be iterated to fit the personality and background of the new lead.