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Continuing Team Prep


Have an honest conversation with your team members about what you all want to do in the upcoming term. At the beginning of the term, your team discussed your personal goals for the project and the type of impact you want to make. Now that the term is over, take a step back and see if those goals were met keeping in mind that the goals and commitments may have changed over the course of the term. Before everyone leaves for the end of the term, discuss how you feel and whether your team will continue to scale your impact further or wrap up the project as is.

Have this conversation with a faculty mentor or studio lead, as they can best guide you to the resources on campus and can help you see unknown possibilities - like independent studies, major-relevant and project-relevant courses, student grants, mentors, or interested community partners.

Effective ways to do this include:

  • For continuing teams:
    • As a team discuss:
      • The goals you all initially had for the project.
      • What was successful about this term?
      • What do you all wish y'all could change about this term?
      • What goals you all currently have for the project.
      • What is each person’s desired outcome for the project?
      • What needs to be done to reach those outcomes?
      • How can you all help each other reach these goals?
        • It is OK if not every member wants to continue - many teams that work towards implementation may only have 2 or 3 main members that continue working after initial testing and proof of impact.
  • For members that want to continue:
    • Set a date to meet with your faculty mentor or studio lead.
      • Ask your studio lead to use your studio’s Impact Deck during the talk.
    • At your meeting with your advisor
      • Identify what goals your team has for next term.
        • What is an initial timeline the team would like to follow?
        • Will the team look for any new members?
        • Will any members not continue next term?
      • Identify a few roadblocks and next steps by using the Impact Deck.
        • Use your mentor’s expertise to help overcome the roadblocks.
      • Discuss ways to overcome those roadblocks and set your team up for success next term.
  • For members that don’t wish to continue:

Network Best Practices

Use the Impact Deck to help continuing teams identify their unique challenges

The DFA Impact Deck is developed to help teams identify and overcome roadblocks that are unique to their team. As a team, go through the Impact Deck with a studio lead or a faculty advisor so that you can navigate your campuses ecosystem and find support to continue your project. If you would like a copy of an Impact Deck, speak to your Studio Lead about using the copy that your studio has on your campus.

Use this Mentor Identifier sheet to find a mentor for your team

Before you seek mentors to help support your team, think about what type of mentorship you could use throughout this journey. As a team, fill out the sheet with a studio lead or a faculty advisor so that you can identify which mentors you need and get possible contacts to reach out to. Click here to download the sheet.