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It's the 21st century -- Tool up!


Setup a reference manager to manager your papers.

Finding, recording, organizing and sharing your references manually takes a HUGE amount of time.  Managing references by hand in this day and age is like trying to write a book using a typewriter.  Reference management software is now easy to use and ranges from cheap to free -- its definitely worth the time and money.  



Sente is very much an "iTunes for references."  You can get a basic account for free and a premium student account for $59 (totally worth it!) 

Another popular option is Zotero.



Download Sente

Then checkout the Sente User manual and read how to: 

  • Search for references (p12) -- Sente can search for many online reference databases simultaneously
  • Add a quick reference (p143) -- you can type in the title of a reference in Sente and it will search for it on the internet, create the reference and in many cases download the pdf.
  • Add a reference by hand (p10) -- if you have the reference and it's not available online, you can create a reference by hand
  • Tag and organize references by quickTag (p14, 36, ch 11) -- Create a QuickTag like "403 project" then tag your refernces with this tag, and see how Sente creates a Quicktag library that shows you all your tagged resources.  This is a nice way to create a bibliogrpahy and use papers across projects
  • Preview your bibliogrpahy (p43) Generate a bibliography from your references
  • Use the bibliography format options (p273) to view your bibliography in APA format

This just scratches the surface of what reference managers can do, but these are some of the most useful features that will speed up your work.

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