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Revise Text for Readers

Fixing problems for your reader



Revise for precision and coherence

Revise for your readers 

To cut fat from text...

To restructure text..:

Introductory paragraphs:

  • does the intro prepare readers to understand my question at the crux?
  • does it use a these statement to preview my response to this question?
  • does it give readers the right amount of background info?

Seeing the issue

  • does the text give sense of issue through historical accounts and prob cases?     
  • does it inform about possible controversies associated with seeing issue? about own paradigms if there is a controversy?

Defining the problem    

  • does text give sense of problem definition? of alternative positions whose problem def i consider faulty?     
  • are my reasons clear for rejecting the alternatives? 

Choosing a solution      

  • does text give readers a sense of solution? of alternative positions whose solutions i consider faulty?      
  • are my reasons clear for rejecting the alternatives?

Main point      

  • is my main point well supported and amplified?      
  • does it meet the criteria of support required by my community?

Overall flow      

  • does my text unfold as a set of directions from seeing to resolving with clear transitions along the way?

To fix sentences:    

  • use active voice    
  • make agents subjects   
  • use strong main verb early in sentence