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Research Argument

Critique your research argument

Audience Specific
Do you articulate a journal, conference or venue?

Audience Alignment
Does the practical problem align with the interests of the research audience?

Audience Import
Is the theoretical problem is important to this this academic community?

Research question Novelty
Is the research question currently unanswered by the research community?

Research question Empirical
Is the research question framed in a way that can be resolved through empirical study, by constructing a model construction, by building a tool, or a making a philosophical argument.

Research question General
Is the research question framed in a way that generalizes to other situations?

Research question Aligned
Is the research question aligned with the design solution? Note, the research question should have practical importance, but you’ve hopefully taken care of that in your choice of practical problem case.

Study Plausible data
Are the expected data likely?

Study Worst case data
Does the study produce useful data if you get worst case results?

Study Conclusions warranted
Would the expected data support the conclusion?

Study Threats
Have you correctly identified the threats to validity?