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Choose an audience

Figure out to whom you are speaking


In making an argument from sources, you are aiming to persuade a specific audience--you need to identify your audience early or risk making an argument that is ineffective or that no one cares about.



Choosing an audience is relatively straightforward.  

For researchers, choose a venue for your argument such as a specific journal or conference.

For practitioners, your audience might be a specific client such as a school or organization, or  a broader audience such as "high-school biology teachers" reading a online publication you write for, or an op-ed you plan to shop around.  Because you are writing a written argument, think about what specific audience you are trying to reach and how this argument will actually reach them.  Even you started this for a class, treat it as an article you might publish in the future.

Once you have identified your audience/venue, add it to your master design document.