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Create literature review based on Kauffer, Geisler & Neuwirth.

Argue from Sources

Create literature review based on Kauffer, Geisler & Neuwirth.




Products that you will be developing

  • Issue -- identify a topic with practical and theoretical relevance 
  • Reference list / sources -- identify academic sources that have spoken about the issue
  • Summaries of sources -- extract the key arguments from the academic debate
  • Synthesis tree -- map out the existing debate
  • Approach tree -- analyze the debate and explore new possibilities
  • Contribution / argument -- make your own argument that will contribute to the debate
  • Research question/ hypothesis -- develop a question/hypothesis that if answered, will make a contribution
  • Research design and measures -- anticipate the kind of study needed to answer the research question

Suggested process

  • (focus) Identify an issue 
  • (Define) Identify some initial problem cases

Do a limited amount of: maybe 5-20 articles:

  • (Understand) Find sources in the literature
  • (Understand) Summarize sources
  • (Test) Test summaries

Once you feel like you have good feel for debate, try:

  • (Understand) Create synthesis tree
  • (Test) Test synthesis

Take a stab at:

  • (Define) Explore problems
  • (Define) Explore solutions
  • (Define) Explore definitions
  • (Define) Analysis tree
  • (Test) Test analysis tree

You might need to go back to the literature if you don't have a good feel of the debate, or you might want to take a stab at sketching out your argument first

  • (Conceive) Identify main point
  • (Conceive) Create line of argument
  • (Conceive) Generate research questions
  • (Conceive) Generate hypothesis
  • (Test) Test contribution

Go back to literature review if necessary, then continue to develop argument

  • (Conceive) Make questions specific
  • (Conceive) Refine scope, language, feasibility
  • (Conceive) Check research design
  • (Conceive) Check operalationlization

Go back to literature review if necessary, then 

  • (Build) Draft lit review
  • (Test) Test contribution