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Fall 2016 Midterm Review


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Colin Lagator — Flexi vs EMG sensors

Will the glove on the non amputated hand that has the sensors impede the usefulness of the non amputated hand?

3 years ago

Christine Junod — User Testing

have you tried online forrums to advertise and talk about your ideas with? maybe a site like reddit, or something even more focused on amputees could help you find a user

3 years ago

Amy Grupenhagen — Expanding

In expanding, make sure that the application of the hand and the things that go into transferring the hand to multiple users is clear and easy to navigate so that it isn't any extra work for companies.

3 years ago

Arianna Krinos — Expanding

What is your current goal for format of user interaction? How does cost come into play - transferring ideas to existing companies? How would the semantics work in terms of a corporate partnership, especially when money begins to become important?

3 years ago

Jarrodd Davis — Expanding

By showcasing the project to R&D companies (there are lots of Research Parks who are full of companies who do things like this), I'm sure companies would be very receptive to an affordable solution for amputees.

3 years ago

Amy Grupenhagen — General

Any ideas of making the hand design you have currently printed more aesthetically pleasing and accurate?

3 years ago

Jonathan Pett - The current design is very clearly robotic in appearance; making it more organic might make the prosthetic easier to accept and feel more like a part of the person.

3 years ago

Amy Grupenhagen — Flexi vs EMG sensors

Flexi sensors might be better for making your design available cheaper and thus to a greater audience. I would suggest interviewing potential users and ask to what extent something like a glove on the existing hand would bother them: to what extent is it invasive? Being required to wear a glove might outway the cost and complexity that comes with the EMG sensors

3 years ago

Joshua Hull — General

Very great job explaining technical details in easily understood language that doesn't require expertise. #works

3 years ago

1 person agrees
Sean Pickering — General

How useful is it for an amputee to have both hands doing the same thing? Is there any way to have them doing different things?

3 years ago

Simone Stewart — General

I really love what you guys have done with this project. You have some great topics to focus on and some fantastic ideas #WellDone!

3 years ago

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