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Help with 1. Sketch the argument

Hi Kristine! I'm looking for feedback/thoughts around developing my design argument based on the rest of my canvas. General feedback on the rest of my canvas is appreciated as well. Thank you!


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Addie Shrodes — General

-Stakeholder: I love that you've given though as to who is affected by and involved in the research you aim to undertake. The question of whether they would "pay" for this research arises here.
-Learners: Great specificity around the learner. Question though: Would your research questions and outcomes differ by age group of youth served? K-5 might be a very different space with different learning happening than 6-12.
-Task/Measure: It seems here that you are assessing quality of instruction rather than learning tasks the instructions undertake. I suggest thinking through how the shifts in instruction represents a learning task--the ability to shift instructional practice in response to challenges, or something along those lines.
-Mistakes: This again seems like a problem of the learning/teaching environment as not creating space for reflection rather than something the learner cannot do (i.e. reflect) You might think through how to frame it in this way.
-Fixable Root Cause: This demonstrates deep thought and familiarity with the space, but it also seems to consider problems or limitations with the space that affect the learner rather than something the learner themself is doing that you could fix. How could this research fix the culture of makerspace facilitation? I suggest zooming into specific tasks of facilitation to improve rather than the culture at large. This could be a difference in how you're framing this information rather than the focus itself.
Existing solutions: This is awesome! Very clear and demonstrates your familiarity with this field.
Value Prop: I like the shift to framing facilitators as learners as a way to improve quality and access to STEM learning and leadership opps in makerspaces.
Research Question: this is super clear and awesome!

2 years ago

Alisa Reith -
First I want to echo what Addie had to say; the connections you draw between all of these moving parts are very clear.
Additionally, my overall feeling is that the scope of this question might be too broad. I wonder if it would be easier to zero in on one of the two ideas you proposed for learner task - for example, only focusing on the kinds of learning opportunities the facilitators create within the space for the youth Makers. Perhaps that could connect to your mentioning of the lack of self-reflection components for facilitators.
I’m especially interested in the fixable root cause you identified wherein facilitators are assumed to have a level of expertise that in turn reprioritizes ongoing learning. I would be curious about the effect (or even just resulting discussion) of self-reflection on this.

2 years ago

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