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Spring 2017 Final Review

Spring 2017 Feedback for Prosthetics


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Arianna Krinos — Focus

Financial ease of purchase: that's what your major selling point is.

2 years ago

Callie Gobes — Focus

I think financial ease of purchase is more important to focus on- that is something that will make a wider impact rather than adapting the technology to be more specific imo

2 years ago

Celine Stewart — Focus

I would focus more on ease of purchase, 3D printing is cool but not the most durable solution, especially if he is using heavy tools or is in a warm environment. Most 3D printing materials will melt or become mold-able in temperatures he might work in and are actually quite brittle.

2 years ago

Callie Gobes — Design

Good job doing the research to be able to implement existing products to create yours, rather than trying to reinvent the wheel #nice #myoelectrics

2 years ago

Jarrodd Davis — Focus

Definitely Ease of purchase. Having a product is great, but having a product with a user base is more important in my opinion.

2 years ago

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