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Fall 2016 Midterm Review


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Mark Meardon — Ideas

Reddit (r/xxfitness) has an annual program that connects people nearby to make connections for exercise. Basically, you sign up and the moderators pair you up with someone close by to communicate with to stay motivated. It's a pretty awesome system, so it may be worth checking out.

3 years ago

Natalie Tobias — Advertising

Have a table outside Turner or on the Drillfield or even outside McComas and give people incentive to participate!

3 years ago

Justin Lau — Ideas

do any of you have adobe xd? design majors with macs? that's a great prototyping tool you can use for your app. maybe if not ready at the end of the semester you could at least show how it would function.

3 years ago

Callie Gobes — Ideas

I may have brought this up last semester, but it might be a good idea to look into working alongside the Hokie Fit Challenge- Coca Cola used this to launch an app to our campus last year (success: unknown). It would get the attention of people on campus that go to the gym regularly already, which isn't quite your target, but that might be a good start to spread the word.

3 years ago

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Amy Grupenhagen — Advertising

Hold a table on the drillfield to bring awareness and ask people to participate

3 years ago

Sean Pickering — Ideas

Have you looked into integrating with Facebook and being able to see what your mutual friends are doing?

3 years ago

Robert Ryser — Ideas

Will you implement a exercise buddy search engine? Maybe one that's similar to the off-campus roommate finder. You could search by gender and personal exercise preference, as well as availability.

3 years ago

Elizabeth Bussert — General

I think that having social events on the drillfield like zumba or yoga would really interest people as there is a lot of free space and it would allow people to join in or leave as they please which also helps out with the time aspect.

3 years ago

Arianna Krinos — General

Are there any solutions to the time issue? Difficult issue to get around, especially with the timing of group exercise classes.

3 years ago

Sean Wilkins — Ideas

You could look into having some kind of competition within the app. For example, you could challenge your friends to run more miles than you in a given week.

3 years ago

Taylor Bennett — Ideas

It's funny how well having a point system of some kind works. Have daily challenges or milestones to meet. Being able to see progress immediately in some fashion is motivating.

3 years ago

Christine Junod — Ideas

my friend at university of maryland is part of a socialization excercise club called CHAARG, i think it is a girls only organization, but it might give you some ideas

3 years ago

Amy Grupenhagen — Ideas

Consider having your app/technology give an option of what kind of exercise people would want to do together. E.g. running groups, yoga groups, weightlifting, etc

3 years ago

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Erod Keaton Baybay — Advertising

A potentially effective marketing method could be small, concise, informative posters mounted to the inner surface of the pincode-access locker doors in buildings like McComas and War Memorial. Students will notice these posters as they stow away or retrieve their belongings before and after a workout.

3 years ago

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