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10/1/16 - Second round of revisions on assignment 1

This is my latest round of revisions on assignment 1 as of 10/1/16. Please give feedback on my practical argument! :)



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Tyler Lindow — General

Great job overall. The majority of things make sense. I have only two things to comment on.

It seems like you have made the changes to make your problem more general to include undergraduate student groups. I think this is good, but I think it may be important to make the distinction between the formation of your specific organization and other student organizations (e.g. how people gain leadership, the influence of complementary software, organization structures/roles. etc). I think this could be a key point in why this problem is new and worth approaching.

In addition, under the who cares portion, "society in general" might be able to be narrowed to a more meaningful audience without making claims that are too strong. I remember before you had something around "innovation for society's problems", which seemed to confuse some people on what were arguing for, but I think something that connects both "undergraduate student leaders" and "society in general" might be more specific and meaningful but won't throw off your argument.


3 years ago

Kelly D'Angelo - Hello, Spencer!
I am going to write my thoughts out in bullet point.

* I wonder if it is worth exploring the motive of why students want to lead some of tehse extracurricular clubs. Genuine interest or resume building? How you would discern this, outside of your own perceptions, I don't know. But, I do think motive plays a large role in performance.

* "help-seeking is important but learners struggle to do it unsupported". do you mean they struggle to seek help without support, or once they get the help, if it is not supported, they struggle

* I wonder what those characteristics of successful change agents are...

* "Found that students in a design club missed out on the opportunity to learn a team management routine from the software design industry because the club leaders struggled to persuade their peers about the value of the routine" This is interesting to me. I would think/hope that students in a club that is pertinent to their interests wouldn't need persuasion. Leads me to wonder 1) why the leaders didn't go anyway 2) if it is the "fault" of the leaders that the club didn't buy in. maybe part of this needs to examine the makeup of the club. Think about how many undergrands sign up for 25 clubs at the first activity fair and then end up participating in very few, and to what capacity?

* Yes- being a leader is hard because... how does one define it? it is a term everyone knows and uses, but if you surveyed people, even on campus, I bet you would get a variety of answers. When at Kellogg, i worked w profs who taught values-based leadership. It was/is quite an interesting course and very well-designed and founded. you may want to consider auditing it. LMK if interested

* Change is SO hard. You're either on one end or the other, and both are uncomfortable in their own ways.

* "Student club leaders only serve for a relatively short amount of time (usually 1, maybe 2 years). " So true. So not only is there limited time to develop, but on the side of the developer, in this case, you, you are constantly reteaching and the club is constantly relearning. It's like hiring teachers for 2 years and then getting a whole new crop and having to start all over, even though you have the same mission and same intentions. Difficult.

* Your "Post Templates" aspect is well-formed. For the questions 1-10, while I see and appreciate the metacognitive questioning, I wonder how accurate? these reflective questions will be. By that, I mean the leader may see how he or she did things in a way entirely differently than they were executed and/or perceived.

* I appreciate your use of "learners" in your matrix. By this, do you mean club leaders? members? or both? I think this is great in theory and may work. I also wonder if people, especially undergrads, will be like "I joined this club to do design/engage in design/learn about design/learn about design itself and now I have homework to do for it." I could egregiously wrong, but just a thought.

Overall, really interesting. I assume you had an experience in undergrad that prompted you to focus on this? Would like to hear about it and see how it plays out or influences your design of the project.

Thanks, Spencer!

3 years ago

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