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Aireale Joi Rodgers — General

Research venue- should be a research journal- you can look at journals in higher education and psychology.
Value proposition should be written in relation to a singular or multiple stakeholders- how is your proposed project of particular value in helping the stakeholder address the learning "mistake" you've identified?

Overall, I love this project idea! However, I think the canvas needs to be reframed to focus on a specific learning issue rather than outcomes. What specific learning issue is occurring that impedes "underprepared" undergraduate students from graduating? Right now this is framed in terms of policy and psychology.

2 years ago

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Danielle Shiv — General

Research venue - should be a journal
Research question - you have a 'better' statement, so i feel like you need to add the second part - "would better support...THAN.."
I feel like the mistakes aren't learner mistakes, but external to the learning; i think you can provide more detail here to really articulate what the mistake is, it feels a little broad to me (maybe they're underprepared because they haven't taken advantage of resources available to them? for example)

2 years ago

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