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Fall 2016 Final Review


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Natalie Tobias — Logo

Reach out to the graphic design students in SOVA or faculty in SOVA in general. I'm sure there are students who want to put something on their resumé!

2 years ago

Deniz Alpay — Building a base

Partnering with active/athletic wear stores -including the VT athletic store to run a publicity campaign could get your audience excited.

2 years ago

Jessica Peterson — Logo

I am sure graphic design students on campus would be interested in doing your logo! Maybe even for free, as a portfolio boost for themselves.

2 years ago

1 person agrees
Alison Beisner — Marketing

Definitely reach out the each VT Class of .. pages on facebook - I always get notifications for those posts and take note of things that I'd like to look into. I wonder if you can get something - even some kind of prototype - up and running by the beginning of this new year when people are looking to fulfill their new years' resolutions (which generally involve becoming more active).

2 years ago

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Erod Keaton Baybay — Logo

The Logo you currently have is actually very fitting. Some FREE tools and resources that you could use include the following list graphic design software: Autodesk Sketchbook (Student/Hobbyist License - Free), Paint.NET (Not to be confused with MSPaint - Freeware), Gimp (Free Photoshop Equivalent).

Documentation and Tutorials for use are readily available, allowing for anyone to be somewhat adept in basic graphic-design.

2 years ago

Zachariah Turner - ^ learning from the best. Physicist by day, graphic designer by night. #nailedit

2 years ago

Christine Junod — Building a base

Love the logo #nice

Also the first step is to invite everyone from DFA to join the group, the more people on the site, the more people will join, encourage everyone to use the share feature on facebook!

Also I dont know that I would meet up with someone I had never met, what if you do socials with big groups of people so that others can meet eachother before they go workout

2 years ago

Deniz Alpay — Marketing

Thinking of places where people often start reflecting on their physical activity, I wonder if cafeteria + residential buildings could be places where you could post ads with your logo.

2 years ago

Sasha Spriggs — General

there are existing exercise "clubs" - running club, triathalon club to name a few. would you be interested in partnering with them as potential groups ActiVT facebook friends could join?

2 years ago

Arianna Krinos — Marketing

How much have you interacted with Rec Sports about this? It could be a really cool student branch of their outreach.

2 years ago

Amy Grupenhagen — Marketing

You could put up fliers around campus and maybe a quarter sheet in dining hall napkin holders to advertise the Facebook page and invite people to join.

2 years ago

Sung Min Cho — General

Is there a private/public aspect? Like people want to be encouraged, but only by specific people, or want to be anonymous.

2 years ago

Zachariah Turner — Building a base

I'll reiterate what was said during your meeting with Deniz. The idea of a challenges system (ex: learn 3 new machines this week / pick 2: hiking, biking, swimming) and have these posted weekly on the Facebook group. These can be really effective for creating a community. You mentioned this in your presentation and I think it's promising.#good #yay

2 years ago

Robert Ryser — Logo

Maybe during recruitment next semester you could advertise that there is a graphic design aspect to your project.

2 years ago

Anna Mumma — Efficiency

Surveys of users to see how often the use it

2 years ago

Anna Mumma - they*

2 years ago

Simone Stewart — Efficiency

How many users do you have? Out of those, how many would use it again or recommend it to a friend? How many people who look at your group actually physically get to an event?

2 years ago

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