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Allena Berry — General

Jamie (10/3)

Can you clarify why, in an intervention that is encouraging students to code, the outcome you are interested in measuring is a student's growth mindset? Wouldn't there be more direct routes to measuring growth mindset? In this, it seems that you are interested in a student's disposition towards programming in Python. It seems like you are calling that outcome a growth mindset, which I'm not quite sure that it is.

If you ARE really interested in measuring a student's growth mindset, what is the argument that you are trying to make for doing it in this way? In other words, if you want to increase a student's growth mindset, why not have them do a bunch of obstacle courses where you encourage them through them? Or do an intensive training around the idea of a growth mindset? I just would like to see a stronger case to be made for THIS design.

Also, you have quite a lot of literature that I am sure will likely to get to this, but I would like "proficiency in Python" in your task section to be operationalized. Does proficiency mean when I can program a simple arcade game? Or a website? Or run a statistical analysis? It could mean anything, but what's most important to me is to have an understanding of what YOU mean.

Finally, if you are looking for another way in to tackle this larger issue since this is something that you are working on now, it would be extremely useful to know how strong this connection is between 1. praise about process on difficult tasks, 2. persistence in CS, and 3. proficiency in coding in Python. Who is talking about it? In what contexts are they talking about it? And how can this project contribute to this conversation?

2 years ago

Garrett Hedman — General

I like how your Stakeholders are SUPER easy to read #yay #minordetailbutthatsok
Citizens might be too broad in stakeholders
Designer is in the stakeholders
Is increase growth mindset a task? #questionIdon’tknowhowtoanswer

This logic is a little weird for me: mindsets are linked to where students attribute success: inherit knowledge vs process -> Praise can impact where students attribute success

Root causes in general are a little disjointed.

Arguments are great! #yay
Question is great #

2 years ago

Kristine Lu — General

- Stakeholders - students - novice programmers, right? As opposed to CS students who already know how to code
- Employers - in general is very broad, but I get why broad would be good here...? The reasoning behind it here would be that CS as a skill is valued by more and more potential employers
- Is this task throughout the entirety of the course?

2 years ago

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