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Fall 2016 Final Review


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Deniz Alpay — Users

Forwarding some advice from Allison Chen (fellow from last year) on finding users for rare (maybe not easy to find locally) medical conditions: While at General Assembly I had to reach out and interview users of a rare disease (Huntington's Disease) in only one week, so I joined several facebook groups and offered them $20 for a phone interview. Consider this only if your club has the budget for this and you also want to do research extremely quickly.

3 years ago

Christine Junod — Users

Definitely the online community is a good place to keep looking, that way users can voluntarily reach out to you rather than doctors having to deal with dissability laws.

If this user group is not readily available, would you consider reframing the question and trying to take prosthetics in a different direction

3 years ago

Simone Stewart — Users

Trying to reach people directly online would also help you to avoid issues with confidentiality. I think that's a great idea of how to find someone. I'm glad reddit worked out too! Contact him asap! #yay

3 years ago

Deniz Alpay — Design

The fidelity is very impressive for a first testable prototype. Remember that if you partnered up with a prosthetics company they'd help you work out the challenges regarding the materials, I agree that the focus should be finding the partner or the user to move forward.

3 years ago

Joshua Hull — Design

Have you considered some lighter metal alloys such as aluminum or titanium. It will most likely weigh more than the carbon fiber but is potentially cheaper.

3 years ago

Arianna Krinos — General

Really nice, organized spreadsheet! #nice

3 years ago

Amy Grupenhagen — Design

Have you considered changing the aesthetic design so that the user can better integrate it with their normal appearance?

3 years ago

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