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Sarah Gates Week 3: Assignment 1 Revisions


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Spencer Carlson — General

Hey Sarah!

Q: Is the problem clear?

#warning You clearly know a lot about this problem, but because you aren't using the agent/action/goal/result framework, you have managed to avoid talking about the learner that is most important here based on what you suggest to study. You are suggesting a study to evaluate what makes for an effective way of teaching advanced musicianship skills — but the problem you describe is about the lack of knowledge. So this stuff should probably actually go in with your research audience question, because it is about knowledge.

When you get to Step 2: define problem, you actually went in a different direction than I was expecting based on what you seemed to suggest was the core tension from Step 1: we don't know how best to teach advanced musicianship skills.

I don't understand the relevance of the expert-amateur auditory imagery comparisons -- I don't think you need to talk about that here but if you disagree, just make the relevance more explicit.

Okay, actually I think you did end up where I expected in Step 2. I would cut the first half of what you write and jump straight to the part where you talk about how undergraduate students aren't developing this key set of music skills — I think that's your core problem.

Nice mistakes - they are direct and they tie your specific problem to bigger issues.

Where is question 2 for the Riesbeck tests?

Nice argument in "why can't learn from failure." I buy it.

3 years ago

Anjni Amin — General


I think you have a great practical problem laid out here! I think you have done a very good job of laying out the issue and citing why notational audiation skills are important and how they affect performance.

While your discussion leading up to your solution is well-rounded and considerate, I feel like there are just a couple of points that need a bit more clarity. First, who is causing the problem? A university's music department upon choosing which solmization system they will be basing aural skills lessons on? Or are you targeting individual teachers in a more private lesson section or teachers in grade school? Solmization systems are often introduced at a young age, and of course, sometimes upon entering university have to change from fixed do to moveable do. So, I guess my question is what level are you directing your argument at? University level or music educators?

Also, besides for just choosing the proper solmization system in order to develop notational audiation best, are there other relevant factors that would effect the outcome? Training and experience you touched on already, but I'm wondering about motivation - many music students don't always understand the relevance of drills in ear training class and how they connect to actual performance.

I think your argument is great, and super necessary in music education and music theory pedagogy! I'm looking forward to seeing how your argument develops, especially with the research component!

3 years ago

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