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Food Insecurities in Northern Illinios


Food Insecurities in Northern Illinios in Northwestern University

 OPPORTUNITY: The group that does the best job of analyzing the legislation, determining best practices and making a specific recommendation for Chicago and/or the suburban metro area will be invited to host a webinar conveying this information to our partners on our behalf.

CITY: Chicago  

ORGANIZATION: Illinois Public Health Institute

POINT OF CONTACT: Jess Lynch,, 312-850-4744

ORGANIZATION DESCRIPTION: Illinois Public Health Institute (IPHI) works through partnerships to promote prevention and improve public health systems that maximize health, health equity, and quality of life for the people of Illinois. IPHI convenes the Illinois Alliance to Prevent Obesity (IAPO) which has workgroups that address a range of obesity prevention topics, with a focus on policy, systems and environmental change.  This team-based challenge will focus on one of the priority issues for IAPO’s Local Food Systems workgroup.