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DFA Wash U


The DFA WashU studio arises from a campus that was looking to bring together a diverse student body eager to use their education for social change. We aim to connect these students to not only a diverse network across all schools, but also the St. Louis community and broaden students’ horizons by taking their talents outside of the WashU campus. Through our DFA experience, we add a new layer to our education that will help us as we look to implement what we have learned in class to what we wish to see in the world.

Going forward, we will be working to create a DFA brand that is synonymous with innovation, inclusiveness, and fun. We seek to build an organization that promotes agency and ownership, incorporating all of our member’s perspectives, whether they be forged by design, engineering, medicine, or business. We look forward to developing our projects to build creative solutions and an innovative community of activists here at WashU!