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2-3 concepts that are ready to build


Ideas and concepts mean little if they are not translated from abstract thoughts into concrete objects or actions to test. Choosing which concepts to build and test require assessing those that are worth your team’s time and energy and will create the desired impact.


2. Bring 2+ visuals and 1 sentence of each idea being considered to quickly express your ideas.
  • Quick sketches and storyboards work great for early ideas.
  • Be ready with a 1 sentence explanation of each idea!
3. Review main points of each idea to get on the same page as a team.
  • Build on the ideas as a team to make sure you are exploring the idea to the fullest before you start converging on couple ideas.
4. Compare ideas with measures of success and design goals to help you make informed decisions that relate to your previous work.
  • How does each idea help reach the measures of success that define the impact you want to make?
  • How does each idea address design goals you made based off your team's insights?
  • What are other pros and cons of each idea?
  • How feasible is the idea to make by your team?
  • Is the idea new or novel in some way? 
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