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Measures of Success

3-4 measures of success designing what successful impact would look like

DFA UC Davis
3-4 measures of success that desing what successful impact would look like


Measures of Success are end results that indicate if your idea have made an impact in your user’s lives. Define Measures of Success to define the change you want to make in the world and what your solutions needs to accomplish to get there!


2. Think about the big-picture impact your team is trying to create and the smaller changes that leads to the big-picture change.  
  • “What are we trying to change?” “What are the indicators of that change?”
3. Brainstorm short, medium, and long term measures of success.
4. Cluster and pick 3-4 M.O.S that your team can use to help in Ideation and in Test.
  • Be sure to pick long-, medium-, and short-term measures so that you can understand why your team is doing things (long- & medium-term) as well as what you are doing (medium- & short-term).
5. Share your M.O.S. with your studio lead or mentor so they can tell you about things to look into or to avoid with your team's current focus.
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The Loft has built-in tools to make sure your design project runs smoothly.

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