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Visualize your research to uncover insights

4-5 insights from your research + 2-5 visuals explaining those insights

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4-5 insights from your research + 2-5 visuals explaining those insights


Synthesis is the process of organizing and distilling information to gain a more complete understand of your challenge. You synthesize to analyze your research for insights that inform the development of your solutions!


1. Use 2+ of the Synthesis techniques to gain insights. Download the summary of the techniques here!
  • Cluster - Organize your information into themes.
  • Maps - Maps help you visualize information in space or time. You can describe how stakeholders move through a space or how stakeholders go through their day/week.
  • Diagrams - Diagrams may visually describe the relationships between different stakeholders, or relationships between important objects in your problem space, or describe cause-and-effect relationships.
  • Matrices - Matrices compare different properties, such as comparing how different stakeholders act or think in different locations. Or comparing ease of use to effectiveness of treatment
2. Find 4+ insights that can fuel reframe
  • Insights are an understanding about your stakeholder or project topic that is gained through your research. Most insights are surprising or powerful, and are directly applicable to your team’s future solution.
  • Insights can point at qualities your solutions can embody or point your team in certain directions to explore.
  • Your team will need the following to synthesize: Post-it notes, Sharpies, Wall to put Post-it notes on, all your past research, a documenter for the synthesis process.

Note: Keep yourself from jumping to solutions so you don't bias the research you have conducted! If you start developing solutions, put them in the "fridge" - a place where you can keep your ideas cool for Ideate!
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