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Make a team timeline + roles

A project timeline and charter with team roles + communication plan

DFA UC Davis
A project timeline and charter with team roles + communication plan


Create a project timeline that fits both your studio goals and project goals. Mapping out a timeline will help your project team set tangible goals each week and to conduct quality research, prototype solutions, and test with users. 


4 Steps to help you make your project timeline and make an impact!
1. Talk to your studio leads and align yourself with your studio’s goals for the projects.
  • See what goals the studio is aiming to achieve. See what mandatory and social events are on the timeline!
  • Check Create a Studio Timeline to see how studios create timelines.
2. Set team goals and make a team charter
  • A team charter clarifies team direction while establishing boundaries. Create goals and charter as a team so everyone has a clear understanding and a buy-in. Check out this team charter template!
  • Remember: Team charter is iterative. The charter is a helpful guide to keep people accountable, but it shouldn’t limit your team!
3. Create your team timeline
  • What steps of the design process will your team go through this term? What should your progress look like to reach that goal? What are the outputs of each week?
  • Be realistic. Some members may have other commitments. If your team will meet twice a week for an hour meeting each, set goals based on those boundaries.
  • Note when studio-wide the critiques or reviews are scheduled. Those are great opportunities to receive constructive feedback!
  • Note when final review, expo, or presentations are scheduled. Those are great opportunities to work on your pitching skills and succinctly communicating your work!
  • Add a meeting around final review to talk about the next steps of your team.
4. Receive feedback on your timeline by a mentor
  • Best practice: Invite a mentor, a studio lead, a team lead, or an experienced member who has a good understanding of the design process. Show them your timeline and get feedback on it.
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