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Bindi Project

How might we empower women in low-income urban areas?

Bindi Project in DFA NYU


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Izabela Correa

Some news from the Bindi project, which has evolved a lot during the past weeks.

News from Nepal:

1. The women from Tripureshwar did market research to explore further their idea of making and selling wedding shoes. Their leanings were two-fold:

a) Some of the women believe there is demand and they gathered information on prices and trends.
They are are exploring further financial aspects of it before taking loans.

b) Some of the women realized that they don’t want to make wedding shoes. They are doing research to explore further what they wanted.

Now that the women have built some confidence, we tried to engage them in sharing their knowledge with other women in their community. In particular, they planned to offer a sexual health workshop.

2. The light prototype is still ongoing. Ashwin has tested the paint (it works!) and is working with one of the members of the youth club to find the supplies.

3. The video pen pal is still alive.

News from Queens:

We finished the research phase, developed our research insights and did a first ideation session. We presented our research insights and first recommendations last Monday to Wishwas (the organization we are working with). Based on this, we engaged them in a brainstorming session to define what the program would look like next Fall. We also proposed a small prototype for the capacity building module that we all agreed was needed for the program. We invited the women to apply. The deadline is next Tuesday but so far we got a lot of interest.

News from our toolkit:

Using our insights from both pilots, we realized that we had assumptions about who were our users, i.e. the NGOs and we did not realize that they were many different types of NGOs, with different resources, capabilities and goals. Inspired by the user flow workshop done by Mini, we developed two users’ journey that helped us clarify the different types of users and their needs. We also realized that how people define a community varies drastically. Based on that we iterated our toolkit, we added a diagnosis phase that we tested with Wishwas.

We also developed a process flow of the main steps of the toolkit. We are going Tuesday to IDEO to do a feedback session with designers.

Check a compilation of these news (and some pictures) on the files tab - Bindi Project Update 04/01.

3 years ago ·

Izabela Correa

We have been collecting amazing insights from our two pilots - Nepal and NY. Today, our team worked on the user flow map. Check some pictures of what we did on the Files tab.

3 years ago ·

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