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Boys & Girls Club

How can we make volunteers more effective in helping students with their homework?

Boys & Girls Club in DFA Notre Dame


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Maggie Marino joined the project

3 years ago ·

Katie Madonna Lee

Hello All!
Searching for ideas and found some tips and resource from a Foundation based in Philly

Another article mostly saying what we already know but there are few good points

One point:
In four charter high schools in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, such skills are coupled with homework time in deliberate lessons taught through “mini clinics” by Foundations, Inc.’s Prep Zone Plus afterschool program. Mini clinics are quick (lasting about 20 minutes), relevant, and engaging lessons that address a variety of study skills and life skills, from reading for meaning to budgeting to selecting colleges. For students who complete their homework early or need extra assistance with certain skills, the mini clinics provide a robust but palatable lesson. Students feel that they are getting more for their time and gaining skills that will be useful as they progress toward college, careers, and independent life. - See more at:

4 years ago ·

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4 years ago ·

Katie Madonna Lee joined the project

4 years ago ·

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4 years ago ·

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