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Cohort with Leads Allison and Rob

How can we create opportunities for DFA studios to connect and facilitate these connections?

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Caitlin Mehl joined the project

4 years ago ·

Polina Tamarina joined the project

4 years ago ·

Kyja Kutnick

High: A ton of new members
Low: Not a high retention rate
Goals: To implement the two projects we are working on this semester
Question: Does anyone know how to code apps for iphone/androids?

4 years ago ·

Allison Chen

Thanks so much for posting your prep work everyone! Reminder about call logistics:

Join the Adobe Connect call at:
Make your name: Your Name_Studio (e.g. Rob Calvey_Virginia Tech)
Call in this conference number: 847-752-0570

See you in 15 min!

4 years ago ·

Noah R Geib

High: Tons of potential for recruiting! If we get 10% of everyone who signed for more information to come, we'd be well off.
Low: the schedules for our leaders are never quite in sync.
Goals: expand out community with members with real DFA'ers
Question: What do you all feel about informal meetings early on?

4 years ago ·

Allison Chen - Hey Noah - when you say your goal is to expand out community with members with real DFA'ers, what do you mean? Are you looking to connect DFA NYU with other more established studios?

4 years ago

Noah R Geib - Hello Allison,
That was poor wording haha, I meant creating more than a work community for DFA'rs, but creating a Real community outside of the project space.

4 years ago

Elizabeth Nicholson

High: We got some good feedback from members about what was good/bad about last semester.
Low: Project scoping.
Goals: Hope to make community members feel more included.
Question: What are good ways to make community members interact more with the team members?

4 years ago ·

Natalie Wulf

HIGH: new members!!
LOW: getting the word out around campus for new members and finding time when everyone is available
GOALS: welcome new DFAers to our studio
QUESTIONS: If you could go back and do something different from the beginning when your studio first started, what would it be?

4 years ago ·

Jessica Alzamora

HIGH: lots of returning members
LOW: low rate of applications right now
GOALS: provide more info sessions that fit into freshman schedules better, and have projects finalized
QUESTIONS: how should we gauge/match up project difficulty with different team's skill levels

4 years ago ·

Vijay K. Nambiar joined the project

4 years ago ·

Vijay K. Nambiar - High: Recruitment Is going Well + We were able to get a lot of good feedback from current members.

Low: We still aren't sure on all of the projects that teams will be working on.

Goals: Have project teams set up and starting to work on their respective projects

Questions: Should we let project teams create their own projects or should we pre-scope projects for them?

4 years ago

Kevin Wang

HIGH: Recruitment
LOW: Project scoping
GOALS: have projects picked out
QUESTIONS: How can we find and develop meaningful relationships with partners?

4 years ago ·

Sarah Stancik

1. High: We established team leads and found great potential community partners for each project.

2. Low: There have been delays on our approval as an official student org on campus.

3. Goals: We will hold our informational and kickoff meetings over the next couple of weeks.

4. Question: What has been the best balance between studio leads guiding teams and delegating tasks?

4 years ago ·

Chen Zhang

1. High: We had a really good responses at the activity fair and added over 100 new names to our email listserv.

2. Low: We've had much lower physical turnout to our interest meetings with only about 20 new members. The start of the semester is going a little slowly and we've yet to meet as a whole studio.

3. Goals: We will be holding our first studio meeting this Sunday and will be hosting a Design Thinking workshop by the end of September. During this time we will get people into project teams and start them off.

4. How do we build and maintain momentum?

4 years ago ·

Fabio DeSousa

1. High: A bunch of us got together for coffee, putting a good start to making sure we remain a DFAmily.

2. Low: Space for our meet&greet on Monday is up in the air for reasons outside of our control.

3. 3-week goals: Close applications, select new members, have retreat, solidify participants for our user day.

4. We're aiming to have more diverse teams, and for us that means we need to recruit engineers/builders. How do y'all go about this?

4 years ago ·

Iyad Owen-Elia joined the project

4 years ago ·

Iyad Owen-Elia - 1. We found 6 great team leads who are all making good progress scoping their projects!

2. I got some dates mixed up and we're not as prepared as we should be for the Brown activities fair tonight.

3. New member recruitment and leadership retreat!

4. For studios that have done leadership retreats/training, what have been the best workshops or activities?

4 years ago

Malena Ohl

1) What's your studio high in the last few weeks? (best most exciting thing)
180 people signed up to our MIT DFA interest mailing list at the Activity Midway booth and people seemed super excited about joining DFA

2) What's your studio low in the last few weeks? (coulda been betta)
It's raining today and it's our kickoff.

3) What will your studio achieve between now and the next call?
We will recruit our new project leads and members and start defining our problems that each team will be tackling. We're also holding our Arduino hackshop!

4) What's one question you have for the cohort that you're thinking as you move forward to achieve this goal?

(more than one question, sorry...)
How does everyone else do project lead formation and training?
How many teams do each chapter have / what is feasible?
What have they found works / doesn't work when pitching DFA and getting new recruits?

4 years ago ·

Samantha Chamberlin

◦Studio high - last night we held our 1st interest meeting and saw tons of new faces! We are excited about the new interest and new members for this coming semester!

◦Studio low - Gobblerfest got rained out so we didn't reach as many people as we potentially could have. We are also in the process of reserving a better room space.

◦What will your studio achieve between now and the next call? - We are hoping to get project teams formed and make some community partners with our teams within the next 3 weeks.

◦What's one question you have for the cohort that you're thinking as you move forward to achieve this goal? - What do you recommend for making sure teams are kept on track and stay motivated throughout the semester?

4 years ago ·

Allison Chen

Hey everyone! Post your prep for the first call on the activity page :D

4 years ago ·

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