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DFA Michigan State


DFA Michigan State was born out of a desire to be part of a club that actually does things; to form an organization that can have lasting, positive impacts on the Greater Lansing community. We come from a wide variety of academic, social and ideological backgrounds, but one thing we have in common is our passion for DFA and the human centered design approach that it embodies.

We are committed to inculcating a culture of innovation on campus. We want the student body to view every problem as fixable and every situation as changeable. In addition, we believe that relevant and applicable solutions to the problems facing real people require utilizing human centered design processes, and we will work towards nourishing that mentality on campus. We started off with big dreams, and they have only grown with time. We are excited to work with our local partners, and the national DFA network to come up with solutions to the most serious problems facing our communities.