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DFA Leadership Studio 2015


The Design for America Leadership Studio is an immersive experience where over 90 top students from 29 different schools come to Northwestern for 4 days to use human-centered design in a hands-on project, develop creative leadership skills, and prepare for an the year as DFA leaders on their home campuses. Designers and professionals from around Chicago come to support students working on the challenge of improving care for families with children with Down syndrome.

Hannah Chung - Sproutel Jeff - Father Debbie - Mother & advocate
DFALS15 Feedback
Donald Trump's Social Media Team (team 3)
For ideating/brainstorming feedback
We're awesome
DFALS15 Team 18 Feedback Session #1
How can we facilitate opportunities for self-expression in community areas where people interact? How can we support people with DS to create & maintain the best relationships with their employers? How can we encourage positive interaction between children with DS and children without in neighborhoods and schools?
We're awesome