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CU Boulder 2

How Can We increase student awareness around sustainability on campus?

CU Boulder 2 in DFA CU Boulder


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Rebecca Komarek joined the project

3 years ago ·

Carlye Lauff

This project focuses on sustainability on CU's campus. One current idea is to create an indoor automated garden and social space, possibly taking in compost like coffee grounds, then using it to grow produce and selling those goods to create an environmentally and financially sustainable project. We are in the early phases of the project and still are conducting user research as well as holding brainstorming sessions. We are open to new ideas on sustainability!

Team Meetings: every Tuesday from 6-7 PM in Idea Forge Room 234 (Think Tank) -- next one Tuesday 3/1
Project Lead / Contact: Eugene Ho (

3 years ago ·

Allison Chen - Hey Carlye - I can't believe you guys are tackling two projects simultaneously, that's great! Here's my feedback on sustainability on CU's campus:

- Cool idea with the indoor garden and social space, put it in the fridge for now while you're conducting user research so that you're not jumping to solutions too quickly.
- Identify user personas and problem spaces to frame your project. You guys did a great job with that in the Shalom project.
- Some ideas for user personas - CU students, local cafe/restaurant owners, campus facility workers
- Some ideas for problem spaces - it looks like you're already looking at food waste and healthy food so further define that - education, lifestyle habits, etc.
- The most important part of this stage is to interact with users, so make sure your team is interviewing and observing people this week! Because you are working toward sustainability on campus you have plenty of access to users.

Good luck! I'm excited to see your update next week.

3 years ago

Carlye Lauff joined the project

3 years ago ·

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