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Creator: Andy Rench
4 years, 1 month ago
Creator: Daniel Rees Lewis
4 years, 2 months ago
Creator: Matt Easterday
4 years, 10 months ago
First Draft of inception deck - honing in on the following: final deliverables, priority of final deliverables, timeline, goal-setting, stakeholders.
Need some feedback!
SINs 2016 paper (Smirnov, Easterday, Gerber, 2016). Practice presentation.
Outlet: LS type journal/conference. Maybe with a focus on higher education and tech (like Review of Higher Education or Journal of Higher Education).
Delta Lab 5/23 - give Gulu feedback on her poster!
I would love feedback on clarity and alignment between the sections.
Review designs for the Sprint tab on the project page. These are the designs for the first iteration of the Sprint tab. The idea is to create a "version 1", very simple for development and testing. Another goal is to encapsulate the features so they can easily be turned on/off.
Looking for initial feedback on paper about how entrepreneurs learn and obtain community support
YS's presentation on delays, trust, and failure in delivering rewards. The goal is for this to inform the design a tool to reduce this problem.
Mockup of DFA network analytics
Julie's HCOMP practice talk!! The talk is at HCOMP - human computing. People who study crowdsourcing. 50% do more experiments and AI studies - what, people? People are for computers. The other 50% is for people who are do get people and user studies.
Let's talk about how we can simply market the Goals feature and provide analytics on how well Goals are working.
Talk about Use Cases
Let's critique the feedback system using the feedback system. (Very meta)
We are reviewing the latest revisions for Guides/Goals Authoring UX Design. These designs take into account the feedback from our session during the last Loft meeting. We will have a follow-up Q&A session at tomorrow's meeting.
How was the talk?
how are we driving
Hey Studio! We could really use some feedback on our white paper!
Thinking about new ways to do a live feedback & critique session following a demo.
Feedback on our current Research Contributions
QA session for today
This is the QA process.