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CANMEE 2018-2019


CANMEE is operating as a community of practice together with a network of partners working to support and sustain excellence and equity in mathematics education for each and every students.  CANMEE uses lesson study to continuously improve mathematics learning, instruction, and the lesson study process by ensuring that mathematics education is rigorous, high quality, accessible, and equitable for all students. Excellence, equity, and social justice have been and will continue to be an integral part of CANMEE's efforts.  

Partners include: California Mathematics Project (CP); CCSESA Communities of Practice (CP), CA Mathematics Council CMC), the Benjamin Banneker Association (BBA), California Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators (CAMTE), Lawrence Hall of Science (The Hall), Silicon Valley Math Initiative (SVMI), and TODOS: Mathematics for All with additional support from Mills Lesson Study Group (Catherine Lewis) and Northwestern Delta Lab (Matt Easterday).

In years 1 and 2 three regions of the state are operating as CANMEE hubs while equity in high quality lesson study is studied.  Innovations include equity commentators, an equity-based research theme, and focal students.  

Healdsburg lesson study group has identified the power of student voice as the topic for their equity-based research theme. Evidence (CLR #3, Canvas, Videos) from student interviews indicate that focal students hesitate to share their mathematical thinking with the class; and, that the students who do share their thinking are viewed as being THE competent math students. Will a lesson hypothesis that establishes routines for students sharing their reasoning (Kelemanik, Takahashi) while the teacher and other students position students (Turner) as mathematical thinkers offer the context to change students' disciplinary behaviors?